You and Me & Chasing Little G

February 2016 || Statistics & Photos

Monthly StatisticsSabra GilbertComment

So I ended up completely slipping on Project 365 this month! First, I got extremely busy with MPD, then we picked up a puppy! And I know that it is probably starting to sound like an excuse, but getting a puppy completely changes your way of life. Suddenly, my day's completely evolve around another living thing. He has to potty every time he wakes up. He gets good at certain times, and needs to be worn out like crazy during the day to actually sleep for three hours at a time at night (and then he usually needs to potty some more.).

Simeon and I have never talked about poop SOOO MUCH in our entire life! 

But you didn't come here to read about my puppy's poop. (And seriously, I don't want to talk about my puppy's food anymore either!)


Bloglovin' Followers - 291

Page views - 737

Sessions - 453

Bounce Rate - 75.28%

Most Popular Post - Fox Bentley Gilbert, thought I have to admit to totally seeing that coming! :) I shared it with friends and family as well on my personal page so I know that there were a lot of views from that as well!

Social Media Statistics

Instagram - 409

Facebook - 253

Twitter - 146

Periscope - 14

Pintrest - 638


This is usually where I would talk about what worked for me this month, but honestly, there is nothing that worked for me cause I didn't do anything to improve anything. Obviously that needs to change, but I'm still working on a new schedule with puppy. My posting schedule will be changing though from Monday - Friday to Tuesday -Saturday. It's just easier since this is technically my work week anyway!

March's Plan

Basically everything that I said last month, but to actually follow through with it!!

1|| Actually personally post to twitter and facebook

2|| Become active on Twitter

3|| Share my first Periscope on Friday, March 4th! I'll be just introducing myself and Fox and fielding any questions that you guys throw at me!