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Moments That Make Me Smile

Sabra GilbertComment

For some reason this week, I just don't feel very motivated to write the things that I had originally planned. I've been going through this past week and weekend completely off the cuff and thoroughly enjoying it.

By being spontaneous, I've. . .

spent more time with friends.

laughed more in one week than I thought possible.

bought doggy toys for our future pup.

let our entire bedroom (my work space!) become a giant mess without caring.

exercised my creativity in more than just a digital way. 

actually painted my nails for the first time in months!

spent more time celebrating and planning the future with my husband.

been more relaxed than I have been in years!

I had thought that the journey to finding all these things would be through giving myself a strict schedule. To knowing the difference between work and play time. To planning times to hang out with friends instead of just randomly texting "hey, you should jump on league right now!" To starting my days earlier and earlier than I usually have or been willing to.

But to be completely honest, those things don't work for me! Getting up early just makes me miserable for the rest of the day. Making a strict schedule only amplifies my stress levels and hampers my creativity for the work that I do. Not being willing to set down something that is stressing me to relax with a little Instagram or my coloring book, it just made the situation worse.

To do what I'm doing, this kind of creative work, blogging, photography, and design. Things that require you to release yourself to see what needs to be done, what can possibly be what makes your customer smile, and to just be able write.

I need to incorporate this looseness into being productive and wanting to get things done, and that is honestly the only way that I'm going to be happily productive.