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Photography for Bloggers: Mastering the iPhone Photo

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Blogging has evolved a lot in the last few years. One of the biggest trends was making blogging more and more visual. It used to be that flashy graphics with a plethora of bright colors and fonts was perfectly fine, but slowly, actual photography and clean graphics became more and more important. Most of this is because of Pintrest and wanting to stand out in a sea of a mainly graphic social media platforms. 

While the best option for stellar photos is to get a nice DSLR and figure it out, obviously it isn't the best choice for everyone! DSLR's are expensive and can be hard to really figure out. They're bulky and hard to bring everywhere and there is the constant threat of them being stolen.

But don't loose hope if any of those reasons are holding you back. Surprisingly, one of the next best things is probably sitting in your jeans pocket right now! iPhone's have a surprisingly wonderful camera on them. I even use iPhone photos when it the easier option! 

Photography for Bloggers: Mastering the iPhone Photo  Don't have a DSLR to take your blog photos? Don't worry! Your iPhone will work just fine!

iPhones have surprisingly amazing photos and while you won't have the best resolution if you need to zoom in or make the photo extremely large, you can still easily make beautiful photos for Instagram, Pintrest, and your blog with your phone!

1|| Find great lighting! 

The key for basically any great photo is to use the right lighting. You want it bright and natural with NO SHADOWS! Shadows can absolutly ruin a photo! I would suggest either creating a light box (for product photos) or buying a few nice reflectors (super cheap on Amazon!) to help bounce the light and make your photo look great!

2||  Pay Attention to the Details

Look at all the corners and borders of your photo. Is something out of place? Are you cutting off something important? It's really easy to get distracted while making the main focus of your photo the best to what is going on around the edges. But be sure to move anything hinky that is distracting in the corners or just shouldn't be there! (I always have at least one photo where my foot is in with my flatlay. Not what you want for a photo on planner supplies! The photo below is an incredibly cute photo, slightly marred by the lamppost on the side. See, details matter.

3|| Color, Color, Color

Pay attention to the colors at play in your photos. make sure everything compliments each other, but it doesn't have to be matchy matchy! You can use different shades of colors that go together or neutrals with pops of bright colors are a few of my personal favorites.

4|| Use the Front Facing Camera.

If you are taking a selfie, the rear facing camera is pretty good, but honestly, the best camera is on the back of the iPhone! If you need to do a little fashions hoot, I suggest grabbing your bestie or S.O. to take the photos of you!

5|| Find an Awesome Editor!

Even the best photos need a little tweaking usually! You could upload all your photos and run them through lightroom and photoshop OR you can just download Snapseed on your phone and edit it right there! Its my personal favorite and is super easy!

If you have any tips and tricks, or questions, I'd love to hear them! Put them below!