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Fox Bentley: 6 Week Pupdate

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So I'm totally going to be that insanely cheesy puppy mom! I hope you don't mind! These weekly posts are going to be on the blog every Saturday, so if you don't like puppy photos, I guess just don't visit then! :) But lets be honest, if you don't like puppy photos, you might just want to leave my blog now, because this lifestyle blog is about to be puppy central. :) Along with my Snapchat (SabeyG) and Instagram and Fox's Instagram as well. He slightly rules my life right now!

Weight: 6.68 Pounds at the Vet on Thursday

Height: Around 10 inches at the shoulder I believe

Likes: Eating everything. Gator. When daddy comes home. Running up and down one stair. (But only one stair. More than that and its a no go). Hiding under the chair in the living room. The blue blanket that we brought him home in. His sweater! And biting. Lots of biting. Going outside.

Dislikes: being ignored (which we do when he bites us, the whole walk away technique to prove that we are the pack leaders). Nightly kennel time when he isn't already asleep. Being asked to walk down a flight of stairs. Being put in his pen. Bathes. 

Mommy's Notes: This week was pretty rough.  As i said in Fox's original post, it was really unexpected to bring him home already. We thought we had at least another month to prepare our home, get the things that he would need, and prepare ourselves for his arrival. Instead, we ended up just jumping into puppy parenthood. A rush of buying a ton of things at once. Trying to figure out the best way to train a corgi/catahoula mix pup (who is for sure taking after his catahoula heritage, meaning he is going to be pretty difficult to train, not because he isn't smart, but just defiant.) Even with all the struggles, I am insanely in love with him. And I'll constantly be learning how to best take care of this little guy. My little furbaby.

Daddy's Notes: I didn't ask him for anything this week, but I think this will be a fun feature.

Best Moments:

Refusing to go down the stairs

His first Running's shopping trip

Watching Simeon play with his little baby boy & the cuddles