You and Me & Chasing Little G

Thursday Confessions

LIfeSabra GilbertComment

Ihad a great post planned for today and then realized that it would be even better with a printable and some more photos! So You'll get that post next week instead! :D And today will be a fun relaxing day instead. 

1| Sometimes, when I'm frustrated, I just can't get my mind to focus on one thing, which then makes me ever more frustrated until I just have to cuddle on my futon and watch NCIS for hours.

2| I'm not looking forward to Simeon going to grad school. Especially now that other grad students have informed him that I'm basically going to be single for the next four years while he marries the physics department.

3| I'm insanely obsessed with getting a puppy. I've been making toys, slowly buying things, and researched like CRAZY to know everything I might possibly need to know. 

4| My house is a pit. Except for the living room. Cause Hazel was coming over and I didn't want her eating my fancy heels.

5| I love traveling before and during, but hate the after. Unpacking suitcases and cleaning up the mess that we accidentally left in our wake while packing in the first place.

6| I love hotel rooms. Honestly, more than even being home. I could totally live in a hotel and be happy. Mostly because I don't have to cook.

7| Some days I love cooking. Some days I don't. But I really hate cooking if the kitchen isn't completely clean while I do so.

8| I can't wait to move and have a dishwasher. I will never move into another apartment or home without a dishwasher.

9| Did i mention puppies? I get to go meet the litter of puppies that I will be picking one out from this weekend and its all I can think about.

10| I get really annoyed when people assume that I have no say in where Simeon and i go next. Yes, he is selecting a school to continue his education, but I have to live there for the 4 to 6 years as well. If I'm going to completely hate it because it doesn't have any job opportunities for me, or just seems like a horrible lace to live, we aren't going there. Simeon and I have already agreed on this fact.

11| Puppy.