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The Weekender Project || 18

The Weekender ProjectSabra GilbertComment

It has been a crazy week! Simeon received his first acceptance letter! I started buying and making puppy toys! AND we solidified our plans for the summer! But all that will come out in an update post in the next few weeks once a few more details are ironed out.

With all of those excited things happening, I didn't get everything accomplished that I wanted, but at least I got a few!


1| Set Up My Desktop Calendar

2| Finish Up Some Photoshoot Edits


3| Play with My New Lighting Equipment

Honestly, I was super sad that I didn't get to the last one! I'm extremely excited to pull it out in the next week though!

This next weekend is pretty busy! We will be traveling to visit one of the school's that Simeon applied to and we have a pretty epic valentine's day date planned out! So I think we are just going to skip the goals for this weekend and just worry about enjoying the weekend with my husband and prepping for the blog installation I have on Tuesday.

What are your plans for the weekend?