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16 Things You Didn't Know About Me

Sabra GilbertComment

 There have been a ton of new followers in the last few months! So i thought it would be a good idea to reintroduce myself and share some facts that long time followers might not have known before! 

1|  Sometimes I have the attention span of 30 seconds

2| But a good book can keep my attention for a week straight

3| I really wanted a princess dress for my wedding, but then hated EVERY SINGLE ONE in stores.

4| Speaking of weddings, Simeon and I forgot about our cake topper and pulled it out a year and a half later. All we did was look at it.

5| I'm not good at being fake.

6| But I'm also horrible at expressing when i'm mad at someone.

7| Unless it is Simeon. Simeon gets the 100% honest and real angry Sabra. I'm sorry babe. :)

8| But really, It takes a lot to make me mad cause I'm a pretty happy-go-lucky- kinda gal.

9| If I'm drinking out of a wine glass, 95% of the time it ISN'T wine. I just like cool glasses.

10| I'm allergic to strawberries.

11| I haven't even had a smart phone for a year and I'm obsessed with mine.

12| I met Simeon while he was wearing a dress.

13| That was also the day we discovered that we have the exact same size feet and hands.

14| I also had a giant crush on his best friend, who would later be Simeon's best man. Irony. 

15| I got a coloring book for Christmas and I'm insanely excited.

16| I'm vicious with a Nerf Gun.