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Weekender Project || 13

The Weekender ProjectSabra GilbertComment

ITS FRIDAY!! And I'm so excited!, except that the weekend doesn't have 100% the same meaning now since Simeon has Sunday and Monday off now instead, so it's more like that is our actual weekend. So maybe I'll be more excited tomorrow on my actual last day of the work week!

Maybe I should move these posts to Saturday. IDK, we'll see! I'm in unmapped territory right now and making the most of it! 

Well, onto my goals for this weekend!!

1|| Finish my New MPD Packaging - I decided over break that I wanted to offer more packages.  I want to stay affordable for the people starting out in blogging that just want their page to be pretty, but I also need to have larger and more costly packages for those who need and want more from me. 

2|| Finish Reorganizing our Bedroom & My office area - I'm currently sitting on a body pillow on the living room floor with my laptop on a ottaman. So obviously not the best working space. :)

3|| Spend Bonding Time with My Hubby - We FINALLY get to really hang out for the first time in weeks and I'm insanely excited about it! :)