You and Me & Chasing Little G

All the Puppies

Sabra GilbertComment

I'm obsessed with dogs.

There. I said it. i'm OBSESSED with dogs! If you follow me on instagram, then you have probably noticed lately that my obsession has started showing more and more. Espetially now that I can start thinking about how in 6 months (OR LESS!!) I could be getting a puppy!

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And I don't think that it helps that my mom and stepdad recently just got another puppy. And I was there to pick little Snickers up from the breeder as well. And she is an Aussie like what I want. Ugh, I love that little pup. (want to follow photos of little Snickers? Follow the hashtag #SnickersTheAussie)

But my favorite thing is getting to puppy sit my bestie's dog, Hazel the Corgi mix. She had surgery earlier this week so I'm puppy sitting today and boy does that little girl keep me on my toes! She was all chill all morning, but appearantly, it is now puppy play time!! And I'm supposed to be keeping her calm so she doesn't blow any of her stitches. Oh boy.


I'm so excited for when I get to select my own puppy! I know they are a TON of work, but it's something I've been looking forward to for years! And I've done plenty of research for a breed that I think Simeon and I would love (and is ADORABLE!).

I want a Corgi like no other! They are pretty laid back, but still energetic and loving, which I think would be a perfect fit for Simeon and I! Simeon needs a pup who will be willing to run around parks and have fun, but still cuddle on the couch while Simeon plays video games or we have a movie night.

It took Simeon a little convincing, but then I won a pool game that declares that I get a cute little Corgi named Bentley.

And then we also met Hazel and Simeon has fallen head over heels for this dog! She is the only pup that we have ever met that he actually lets lick his face without complaint. Which is insanely rare!  Don't beleive me? Check my snapchat (SabeyG) today! He just laid on the ground and let her lick his face until she calmed down cause otherwise she would be jumping up on him until he got on the ground anyway. :D