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The Weekender Project || 16

The Weekender ProjectSabra GilbertComment

Guys! Working at home and not having a school schedule lets me easily forget what day it is. So everytime Friday comes around, it catches me completely off guard. But here we are again.


1|| Clean my Desk - its a little disorganized today, but the other day, I not only cleared off my desk, but organized everything.

2|| Meal Plan - Officially I've finished a week and half but that seems close enough :)


3|| Finish my Book - I'm pretty deep into it and OMG I LOVE this book! I can't wait to review this series!

The Weekender Project || Becoming Sabra Gilbert

And now for this weeks goals!

1|| Install a Blog design - I'm actually doing this one this afternoon! I'm extremely excited for the reveal! And be sure to catch my post about the design over at MPD's blog!

2|| Relax - I'm trying to be better at actually using my weekends as weekends instead of continuing to not only work on Saturday (which isn't really my weekend) but Sunday and Monday all day to which IS my Weekend.