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Currently| January 2016

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This week has been one of those weeks where youdon't know where all the time is going, all you know is that the entire week for some reaons has been turned upside down. So instead of the well thought out, just needed to be written, post that I had originally planned today. I thought it would be fun and light to share a Currently post. I've never done one before and thought that it would be really fun! 

Currently: January 2016 || Becoming Sabra Gilbert


Tons and tons and tons of water. I'm trying to be healthier and track my water, but really?!?! 8 glasses of 8 ounce glasses is crazy. I haven't been able to get past maybe 6 tops. And that is with using a cute little jug of water at my desk to repeatedly keep filling up my glass. This way I only have to get up a few times to refill my jug and the million times I have to use the bathroom. Oy.


My project queue is GIANT at the moment! Filled with things for MPD, this blog, and around the apartment. Only about a third of it is a paid MPD project, I've also got plans for a blog planner and for two blogger pre-made templates! These are a few things that I'm extremely excited about and I hope to have out in the next  few months.


I'm in the middle of the fourth book for the Throne of Glass series, Queen of Shadows! OMG! People! Read these books! They are fantastic!! I'll be giving my official review next month!


That I really, really, really want to go yell at our lovely neighbors who think that sitting in their driveway and honking for a half hour or blasting rap music for hours on end outside my bedroom/office window is a perfectly normal thing to do.


To find out where we will be living this summer, and next fall, and when I get my puppy! :) We have multiple options at the moment and just have to wait to see what pieces fall into play. Pray for us please!


Tired and impatient. I haven't been sleeping the best lately. And I would love to get my noise back in my book. I'm slightly obsessed with it!


Our weekend of fun. How I'm going to grow this blog and the blog that I've started on MPD's site as well! Names & toys for my adorable little puppy that I get in only a few more months! (Can you tell I'm slightly obsessed with getting a puppy lately?)


My desk and apartment! I love rearranging my living room. And after my last arrangement, I've got a blank wall to work with. I'm thinking of filling in some of the area with tissue balls. I honestly super love a pretty tissue ball. I'll just have to make sure that if Simeon helps me again that there are NO chargers around our crafting area.


My desk. I recently purchased a new filing cabinet and I'm excited to redo my filing organization and get MPD into shape for taxes next year! Is it weird that I'm so excited about this?


My new Working Hard playlist on Spotify! It's still a work in progress but I'm hoping to get it to the length of a full 8 hours so I can listen to it the entire time that I work.


NCIS is my new binge show, which might actually be playing right now since I already finished my working playlist. It drives me nuts not to have some kind of noise going constantly. Though I usually don't watch what I have playing while I work. It's more like an audio book. .  show. :)

What are you currently up to today?