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4 Ways to Up Your Meal Planning

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As I sat on my bed with my white board and my dry erase marker, I realized that I need to up my meal planning strategy. Simeon and I constantly seem to eat the same things over and over which while in school just made things simple, but now that we're done and have more time to think about dinner, we realized that we are ready to start adventuring out more in our cooking and in our meal plans.

And as I was brainstorming my own ideas, I figured I would share them with you as well, just in case you are stuck in the same rut that we are!

4 Ways to Up Your Meal Planning || Becoming Sabra Gilbert

1| Use a calendar

I love using my white board on a weekly basis as I have it hung with a magnet on my fridge, but once it gets erased, I tend to forget what I've erased in the past week and can tend to put it back on the list again (especially if it is something that I absolutely love!). So now I'm using a written calendar to at least put some space in between my favorite meals!

2| Write tested meals on recipe/note cards.

I usually just skim through Pintrest, but then if Simeon ever is the one who wants to pick a meal or make one, it usually means that he is going to steal my phone while cooking or planning the meal because all the recipes are there. If it's on a card, you can easily just stcik the card on the fridge for that week as well if you don't know the recipe off the top of your head.

3| Grocery shop for two weeks of your list

Sometimes, its hard to get to the store (especially in South Dakota where the windchill can be -40 with 8 inches of snow on the ground) and sometimes you decide to switch up your meal plan. Either way, it's best to have at least two weeks of your meals on your grocery list and in the cupboard so that you can actually make the meal. Having to run to the store at last minute can ruin your productive meal making mood. Or a meal that you are in the middle of making.

4| Scour Pintrest for new ideas (or better yet, an actual cook book!)

I love looking for new ideas on Pintrest! Or the cookbook that received at one of my bridal showers! I'm a pretty picky eater, so I usually end up picking all the new meals (though Simeon has gotten very good at knowing what I will or won't eat!). And sometimes finding new meals is hard, but I do enjoy trying new things out!

And for those of you who wanted to know my meal plan for this next week!

Monday - Homemade Taco Pizza (I'll be sharing the recipe sometime next week!)

Tuesday -  Garlic Parmeasan Chicken RECIPE

Wednesday - Ranch Burgers (Another favorite recipe of mine that I'll be sharing!)

Thursday - Crockpot BBQ Chicken Sandwhiches RECIPE

Friday - Manwhich 

Saturday - Copycat Chick-fil-a Nuggets & sauce RECIPE

Sunday - Pull Apart Pizza Bread (a new one on our list!) RECIPE

What are your favorite tips for meal planning? I'd love to see your meal plan as well! Link them below!