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The Weekender Project ||15

Sabra GilbertComment

Is it just me or do some weeks just seem to fly by? 


1|| Install the first blog design of 2016

3|| Have fun with My Adorable Niece


2|| My Branding Audit


1|| Clean off my Desk - I've been working at home for over a month and still have no desk to sit at. Mostly because I havne't taken the time to completely clean and organize it yet. 

2|| Meal Plan for the Next Two Weeks - Simeon and I are trying to have more variation in our meals, so if I plan ahead more, I can plan to buy the food and set it out on the right days to prepare it! And I am planning on FINALLY using my cute little recipe box that I received at a Bridal Shower to document all of our favorite meals.

3||  Finish Reading my Book - I set my goal at 75 for the entire year, but have been stuck on this one book for a few weeks. So I need to hurry through this book (even though I'm loving every second of it!) so I can continue on my goal for the year! :)

What are you up to this weekend?