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How To Be the Cool Aunt & Uncle

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One of the best parts of being married to the youngest boy in his family was that I got to jump right into the life of being an Auntie when we got married! Our adorable little niece was even the little flower girl in our wedding (though she did sleep through the entire ceremony, luckily we had planned for her to be pulled in a little wagon down the aisle!).

This past weekend was our first ever sleepover with our niece as week, and if I do say so myself, it went great!! I was a little nervous as she is only three and Simeon and I have never handles a toddler all on our own before. And saturday morning, Simeon had to be at work early, and SImeon is her favorite. (Mostly because she has him wrapped around her little finger.) Add onto all of that that while our little niece is fully potty trained, she still sometimes forgets to go the moment she realizes that she needs to go potty. So I was a little worried about that as well.

Wanna know what we did to make sure that everything went great?

1||  Build a Blanket Fort

Simeon surprised my niece and I with a blanket fort the moment we walked in the door!  Our niece loved it, other than how she kept trying to climb on top of it instead of crawl through it. 

2||  Make Pizza Together

I think she ate more of the toppings than she put onto the pizza. But it was super fun watching her throw cheese, pepperoni, and olives onto her own pizza. But boy, I had no idea how much that girl could eat! I made the olive pizza for her and Simeon, and our niece ate almost as much as Simeon did!

3||  Make awesome Sweets

We also had cookies. And she ate two. After eating half the pizza. Did I mention that that girl could eat?

4||  Just Roll With It

Our little niece ADORES make believe and Simeon is the best at listening to whatever story she wants him to play along to! we were dragons, and royalty, and I forget what else. :)

5|| Have a Disney movie handy!

After dinner, but before bedtime, I thought it was probably a good idea to start winding down a little bit. So we pulled out The Little Mermaid, which just happened to be our niece's favorite movie of the moment, and she was insanely excited about it. (My Little Mermaid fishtank was also a big hit!!)

6|| Block off any tiny little crevice that your niece/nephew might get their head stuck under while sleeping.

I thought that we had set up her bed in a way that she wouldn't get hurt, and it was close to us in case she woke up not knowing where she was or needing the bathroom. But we woke up in the middle of the night to her crying and half stuck under our bed. We had no idea how she got there and she wasn't even awake cause once I got her out she was back to snoring. 

7||  Have a gameplan for the morning

This was something that I didn't have. And I wish I had. I had no idea how hard it was to get ready in the morning while also chasing a toddler and getting her ready as well. Though I did have a fun idea to pull out the dry erase markers and we worked on the letter H a little bit on the hallway mirror. :) (H is the beginning of her first name and she is very excited about it!)

Then we had a great day when my SIL and little nephew came to join us for the Children's Museum all day. 

What do you do when watching your niece or nephew?