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The Weekender Project|| 14

The Weekender ProjectSabra GilbertComment

Again, its FRIDAY!! I actually had a pretty productive weekend this past week! I got two out of three of my goals accomplished and I was pretty proud of that!


1| Finish MPD Packaging - I have two packages for the two sites that I design for! A Basic package (just a blog design) and a branding package (blog design with social media branding) for Blogger and Squarespace. I am currently working on seeing if I can add Wordpress Self-Hosted as well! A third package for everything is in the works too. ;)

3| Spend Bonding Time with my Husband -  We had a lot of fun watching a movie while cuddled in bed and getting to spend time together for a good portion of this week!


2| Organizing my Bedroom & Office area - This one is coming along very slowly. As you can kind of see in the photo above! We bought a new filing cabinet that I have to add to my office area as well, and finally took care of our christmas tree and the broken freezer that we had been meaning to take to the dump for a few weeks. So at least some organizing got done! Just not everything. :)


The Weekender Project.png

1|| Prepare to Install the first finished blog design of 2016!

2|| Finish my Branding Audit - As you might have noticed in my graphics, I am currently changing my branding a little more to fit myself, instead of the robot that I was trying to turn my blog into. But I'll discuss that more next week.

3|| Have fun with My Adorable Neice - I'm doing  shoot with my BIL & SIL on Friday and then Simeon and I are kidnapping our little niece so that mom and dad can have a fun date night for my SIL's birthday! It will be her first overnight with us and I'm a little nervous! But we are stocked up on cheese sticks and Disney movies, so I think we will have a fun time. :)

What are your goals for the Weekend?