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Introducing: Wife Talk Wednesday

Wife Talk WednesdaySabra GilbertComment

I'm extremely excited to be introducing Wife Talk Wednesday! I thought it would be fun to have a regular installment every week to talk about different things in married life. I plan to cover the serious topics to the crazy topics from setting boundaries with your husband while you work at home to why I game with my husband!

Introducing: #WifeTalkWednesday || Becoming Sabra GIlbert

Marriage is a crazy adventure. Which leads to finding yourself in a ton of crazy situations that you didn't expect beforehand. Trying to balance who washes the dishes and who cleans the toilet, figuring out how to share a bed with a blanket hog, or finding out how to balance working and home life. (Is it just me or does that only ever seem to be a problem for woman?)

First up, Why I Play League of Legends with My Husband (even when I suck at computer games!)

But I would also love to hear questions and topics from you as well! Are you married and need some advice? Not married and just curious about something?

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