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The Weekender Project |12

LIfeSabra GilbertComment

This past week was incredibly productive, and not at the same time. I've been working diligently on those giveaways that I mentioned (sneak peak at the bottom of THIS post!!), my apartment was decorated, and then the tree was redecorated after deciding to fall over in the middle of the night and spill water EVERYWHERE! And I've gotten some posts done! Not scheduling social media, but I should get that done this weekend! 

1| Set up 3 different giveaway!! DONE

2| Prep 4 Blog Posts for finals week

3| Finish decorating my apartment for Christmas!! DONE

This is the final weekend of my college career! I'm so excited for it to be done. I have one last final on Monday and my final day at work is on Wednesday! Then I get to go on a fun little trip with my mom to go get my sister from her first semester at college! I'm excited to get to see my little sister and my grandparents (she goes to school within a half hour of them!). And I mean, I get to road trip with my mom! What isn't fun about that!!! 

But onto this weekend first!

1| Finish cleaning the bedroom! - I completely rearranged our living room and bedroom this past month and I just need to finish a few things to have our house completely clean and wonderful! :)

2| Write 3 Blog Posts for next Week

3| Finish Christmas Cards

4| FInish organizing everything for 3 Wonderful Giveaways!!

Planner Giveaway Preview.png