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A Day in the Life of this College Girl

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I've never done a day in the life post, though I've always wanted to! And I figured there was no better time than right before I graduate! I'm about to start an entirely new time of my life and I do want to remember this time now! i think that I'm going to try to continue to do these posts throughout the many changes that are going to happen in the next few years. 

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So here is a typical day in the life of this (soon to be ex!) College girl!

9 AM - Morning Alarm Goes Off

10 AM - Biochemistry class

11 AM - 3 PM - Day Job

3 PM - 5 PM -  Lunch & a Little Relaxing

5 PM - 9 PM - Blogging & MPD Work

9 PM - Make dinner & spend time with Simeon

10 PM - Curl up in Bed with a Book

11 PM - Lights Out!

My day changes with Tuesdays having no class, but a two hour class on Thursday. Oh! And don't forget getting out of work two hours early on Fridays! I love fridays for that reason! :) But other than that it is pretty easy to block. Like any good college kid would do.

I'm extremely excited to share a new Day in the Life in January! Hopefully, I'll have a little schedule down for my new euntraprenuer way of life! 

Do you have a Day in the Life post? I'd love to read it! Put your's in the comments!