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Reverse College Bucket List

Sabra GilbertComment

If I had had a blog when I started at South Dakota State University, I probably would have made a bucket list. It would have been extensive and super well planned out because that was the person that I was back then. The girl who could do everything and anything that she wanted to and put her mind to. :)

That girl had no idea what was really in store for the future or how much life would change. I still find it amusing that I didn't start a blog freshman year like I had wanted to because I thought I was too busy. . . man, that girl had no idea what busy was!  But more on that later this month!

Back to my reverse bucket list!!  

| Go to a Football Game with Besties - November 6th, 2011

Hobo Day.jpg

| Go back home for Random Events

| Make friends with the Girls across the Hall and go Ice Skating

| Find an Awesome Bible Study & Go to Events

| Go to a Crazy Fun Party

| Raise money for Charity

| Start a Tradition with High School Friends

| Get some Awesome Scholarships

| Say Goodbye to a Mentor

| Travel to Cheer Simeon on in his Soccer Game

| Wear Questionable Outfits

| Go on Ministry trips & make awesome Friends

| Welcome wonderful Family Member's into the World

| Do insanely Crazy & Random Things

| Make Wonderful Friends

| Find a Passion

| Fall Head over Heels in Love & get engaged

| Attend a Thrift Store Prom & Win Prom Queen

| Marry my High School Sweetheart

| Visit the Humane Society

| Become a Bible Study Leader to wonderful Girls

| Travel

And love every second of it!