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Dear "Nice Guys"

Sabra GilbertComment

Dear "Nice Guy",

So I've been reading a few articles written by you and about you over the last few hours or that you commented on, just because the back and forth on these articles was something I found kind of amusing. I'm going to state right now that I'm a nice girl who found myself a very nice boy, so I think I can easily write about this topic because I know what a nice guy is.

Now, I know that every nice guy has a bad day and can get upset, and the internet is the "perfect" place to vent your frustrations and to agree with those who are doing the same.  But before you start venting, maybe you should change the name that you are venting under.

Do you really think you can call yourself a nice guy and then go on for a four paragraph rant insulting a woman who is a human being just like you who obviously makes mistakes?  I mean seriously, in what world is insulting someone part of being a nice guy? "Sagging skin and stretch marks"? You're really going to stoop that low? 

Do you really think you can call yourself a nice guy and then go absolutely "man mighty" just because you did things that makes you a decent human being and she didn't grovel at your feet in thankfulness? You listened to her? Great! Did you ever wonder if the reason she was talking so much about her ex bf was because you weren't offering anything up to change the topic? I mean, I rant about completely crazy things when I'm nervous and someone else isn't coming up with a topic that is different. Contrary to what some men believe, not all woman just want someone to listen to them. They want a man who is going to challenge then intellectually and contribute to the conversation! You opened the door for her? Good for you! I open doors for people all the time and I don't think I've ever had a man thank me for it. Maybe a few here or there, but I don't expect it. 

Honestly, there was nothing in those letters that suggests you are a genuine "nice guy" as opposed to a guy who was just trying to pretend to be a nice guy to get a girl to like you and maybe you would continue to be a nice guy for a woman who would worship you. 

But a nice guy isn't nice just to be worshipped. 

If you really are a nice guy, you'll find a nice girl. I mean, obviously my husband did. :)

There is a reason you are still single at thirty and waiting for your "revenge".