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Finding My Path || Purposeful Planner Giveaway!

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One thing that is insanely crazy about graduating right now is that I have to start finding my own path. For the majority of my life, I've been in school. I've been told that I needed these classes which were at those times. Professors evaluated my success. Bills dictated that I needed a set job with a certain amount of hours that would work around my class schedule.

Basically, everything was laid out for me in a pretty set fashion and there weren't a million choices I would have to make on my own. 

That's all changing.

Find My Path || Becoming Sabra Gilbert

As I've decided to jump into the life of self employment with this blog and MPD, I fully decide how my days are going to go. I have to pick a wake up time, the times that I'm going to do this and that, when i can let myself relax, etc.

And honestly, it's a little crazy.

I feel like the next few weeks are going to be full of bumbling around and research to really find my groove.

A way that I plan on figuring out what works best for me is setting up my days differenetly in the next few weeks with my planner. Now I admit that I'm not always the best at remembering to follow my planner, but i'm hoping that with not having to open it a million times a day, and that I can just keep my planner in one space, that I'll use it a million times more often!

For example, today I'm blocking out my time in a 2-1-4-1-2 pattern. I'm going to do two hours of work on my blog, give myself an hour to work out, four hours to work on MPD, an hour to work on devotions & have my quiet time, and then another two hours to work on blogging things. 

Tomorrow, I'm going to do my devotions first thing, give 4 hours of blogging time together, then have a seperated lunch (today is a working lunch!), with 4 hours of MPD to follow, and worry about working out and other things in the evening.

I don't know much beyond that, but we will see what works, what really doesn't work, and if I need to make up some new ideas!

But let's get down to why you are really here!! The new year is approaching fast! I truly beleive that the best way to get organized this year is to find yourself and AMAZING planner! And the Purposeful Planner sure does that!

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For those of you who work at home, what is your daily routine?