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Why I Love My Day Designer

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Disclosure: There are affiliate links in this post only because it is honestly a product that I am in love with and all opinions are my own! I bought my own Day Designer and have been given nothing for this post!

Why I Love Day Designer || Becoming Sabra Gilbert

With 2016 right around the corner, I am obsessed with getting myself organized and ready for the new year. My Day Designer is a giant part of that! While I was in college, it was obvious on how I would need to use it. I had to schedule my classes, work, and when I was going to fit blogging into my day. And I also could just write my homework to do list and things that I needed to remember throughout the day.

Now that I've graduated and am working from home for myself, my Day Designer needs to do something completely different for me! 


And I honestly believe that it is one of the best parts of the Day Designer! It isn't specialized to anything and I can make it do what I want to do quite easily. Instead of blocking my time by where I needed to be, I can now block my time by what topic i should be concentrating on at that time. Am I in my office hours? Then I should be working on my blog or a client project! If I'm off office hours (which is something I need to remember to do now that I work at home!!) I should be working on something else. 

Random Fact: I'm breaking the rules of everything I just said at the moment because I'm writing a blog post and doing laundry at the same time. While watching a replay of a webinar. I'm technically on vacation too. Oy. 

The only thing that I have to do to make the transition is to customize it differently! Sure there are some things that the Day Designer has designed into it, but there are also plenty of stickers and ways to customize what your Day Designer does for you! 

For example, I really don't need to track anything in the dollars section of the Day Designer. I was part of a wonderful planner supply swap (OMG I should host one of those in 2016!) that I loved and my partner got me wonderful stickers that I could use in place of that little square and keep track of my water intake! Which is something that I would rather use than budgeting daily.

Another glorious thing about the Day Designer is that it is beautiful! The outside is built to go through anything! I mean, mine has been thrown across the room (on accident, I'm clutzy) and has been banged around in the backseat of my car, but it still looks great! And I love that Day Designer just likes to call Day Designers that maybe have a few scratches or bumps "Authentic" because lets be real! You can't keep everything super gorgeous all the time! Not if you are using it right!

With the simplicity of the design inside and out of the day designer, it screams for you to make it your own! I know people who choose color schemes, or just go crazy with all the pretty!!  I love using bright colors all over the place. I love ones that use black and gold accents through their entire Day Designer as well! 

The Day Designer doesn't just put you on schedule, but it focuses on you! And there is a fabulous community of Day Designer Lovers if you don't believe me! (Like seriously, follow them on Instagram!)

What is your favorite way to plan your day?