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5 Things To Do Today To Make 2016 Awesome!

OrganizingSabra Gilbert

2015 is coming to an end! It really blows my mind that we are already to the point of preparing for the holidays and then the new year. 2015 has gone so fast and I was so unprepared for it to start to begin with, I wanted to make sure that I wasn't unprepared for 2016! And I want to make sure that you aren't either!

So here are a few things that you can do today to get ready for the New Year!


5| Clean out your Electronics

The end of the year is the perfect time to go through your phone and computer and get things that you don't need into alternative storage. You can use OneDrive, External Harddrives, or even just good ole' CD's, just clear our the space that you need to document everything for 2016!

4| Inbox Zero

You know, that little annoying email project that you have been wanting to do forever, but just never can find the time to do it. Well, today is the day to get it done!! Trust me, it feels completely wonderful to look at a completely empty email!

3| Go Through your Closet

 New Year, new you right? It's hard to try to make a lot of changes unless you change things on the outside as well! This year, I'm going into business for myself so I've tried to shed my college t-shirts & hoodies for. I would say formal, but more professional looking outfits.

2| Write out your Goals

A few years ago I found a printable for extremely detailed goal setting and I loved it! I haven't been able to find it or any other printables like it since, so this year, I recreated a similar one myself! My favorite part of this goal setting printable is that it breaks down for 5 goals in 8 different areas of your life! 

1| Order your New Planner! 

Or not and win one from me instead! Starting today, there will be three planner giveaways here and on Instagram! 

Today's planner is the HAPPY STRIPE Simplified Planner! It is sold out on right now and we have one of the final ones for this round for 2016! This planner will come with goodies as well! Think washi, colored pens, and bookmarks!

Simplified Planner Giveaway.jpg