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December Goals & Our Christmas Card

Sabra GilbertComment

Wow! Where has 2015 gone? It feels like just yesterday that I was making wonderous plans for this year and now I'm getting ready to plan the next! Only this next year is going to look SO MUCH DIFFERENT than this past year. No school. No boss to report to. And halfway through the year, a new state.

Well, onto what I accomplished last month.

1| Pass my Senior Exit exam & Interview - I assume that I have passed since I haven't been sent anything saying that I can't graduate! In 16 days.

2| Complete at least 15,000 words for NaNoWriMo - Nope, there was just no chance to even try to get 1,000 words last month.

3| Send out 3 CD's of Completed Photoshoots - I completed all three photoshoots and got them to their owners! I was so excited to make so many people happy with my photos! :)

1| Graduate!

2| Adjust to Working for Myself

3| Send out our Christmas cards!!!

Speaking of Christmas cards, wanna see them??


They were designed my my wonderful blogging friend, Ashley Servis, owner of Servis Creations! She designs adorable prints and Christmas cards from her Etsy shop! And I would definitely recommend contacting her if you want unique Christmas cards and don't have the time to do it yourself.

I couldn't choose just one photo to use, so I asked Ashley if we could do a collage and I loved what she came up with! The card is insanely cute! Not only did she design my cards, but then she also made it extremely easy to print by walking me through how to get them printed on Shutterfly.