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Midnight Photography & Design Giveaway!

Sabra GilbertComment

Hey everyone!!

So I've talked a few times about the business that I've started, Midnight Photography & Design, where I do blog designs & branding for Blogger and Squarespace blogs along with work on taking photos of wonderful people! 

This site here is one of my favorite designs so far! And it is one of my first Squarespace sites I designed, but OMG I fell in love!! Squarespace is the way to go! I'll dig into that deeper in January after I take blogging and this business on full time! 

One thing that is so important in MPD, and the reason that i got into designing, is to keep my designs affordable for the broke college student who just wants her blog to be pretty.  Because I was that extremely broke college student who just wanted her blog to be pretty. In all honesty, I've barely stepped up from extremely broke to just broke college student. 

That's why I offer designs for Blogger, the free blogging site, along with my new found love Squarespace. Because I know what it's like to just want to get out there and start writing, but in no way able to afford anything insanely special. But I also know now that putting that money out front is actually going to help in the long run, because you have to be serious about something that you put a lot of money in, espetially if you don't already have a lot of money to play with.

But today, I want to erase the monetary stress off of another blogger!  At this time, I can't offer a year of Squarespace paid with a design, but I can offer a free blogger or Squarespace design! And if you are thinking of transferring to Squarespace, I offer to help with that as well!!