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Final Semester Bucket List Upate

CollegeSabra GilbertComment

Midterms have passed and the semester is winding down. So I guess it's time to share what I have accomplished. 

Final Semester bucket List.jpg

1| Climb the Campanile - Simeon and I are planning to do this before the weather turns any worse! So we haven't done it yet but soon.

2| Go the the Hobo Day Parade with Friends - Unfortunately, because of our trip this weekend, we had to miss our final Hobo Day :( But I celebrated from afar and watched videos of the parade so does that count?

3| Enjoy my final Hobo Day Football Game - I did catch a video of a proposal before the game! It was super cute! 

4| Make $200 a month with MPD & this blog to loosen up our budget - This hasn't happened in full yet, but I have booked three jobs in one week! So I'm seeing it start to happen and I'm extremely excited.

5| Follow our new Budget - This is actually going pretty well! We need to be better at tracking it to make sure, but we've been pretty good at knowing what we are able to spend on things and keep it that way.

6| Fill out my Graduation Application - This is the ONLY  one that has for sure happened! My Grad App is in the works and going through! I take my exit exam in a week and then my exit interview! I am so insanely excited!! 

7| Graduate - 50 days!

8| Settle into a Daily Devotional Time - I'm struggling on this. But I'm going to pray and hope to figure this out soon.