You and Me & Chasing Little G

Life with a Cat

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So I am a total dog and critter person. Cats have never really been what I am in love with. Sure, they can be crazy adorable and I would want to bring one home, but I've always been able to stop myself easily. 

Until little Odette came into the picture.


I  came to work one Saturday morning and went about work as usual. Headed to the back to get one of the animal care staff to ask them a question about a dog and heard this tiny little high pitched meow coming out of the vet's office. Sitting in a kennel with a stray cat tag is this tiny, little 3 week old,  white and black, three week old kitten. Crazy hungry. I had someone show me how to try to feed her and I was done from there. She was coming home with me to foster, even though I had told Simeon we would take a small break from fostering.

Then it was a few weeks of every two or three hour feedings, even through the night. Having her little kennel "room" come back and forth with me from work so I could spend my breaks feeding her as well. Oh, she was so tiny back then. And so needy for such a little one. Did you know that not only do you have to feed a little one like that, but you also have to help them go to the bathroom? Like make them pee and poop by stimulating their butt. It's kinda gross. 

Then I was able to start letting her eat by herself. Which was so amazing. I could finally sleep at night and let her feed herself! The little stinker didn't even want the little in between gruel that we usually would have worked up to wet food from.  She went straight for the wet food and still loves it like crazy. She then upgraded from a tiny little carrier crate to a storage tub with a tiny litter box. Which she used right away which was truly amazing! She still needed some formula and help going potty here and there but we slowly were able to start acting like a normal kitten and do everything by herself soon.

Then she grew too big even for her little storage tub loft, but luckily was finally large enough to not slip through our doggy playpen slits. So she got a larger play area with a regular litter box in the living room. Odette and Fox still couldn't play together much because Fox plays so rough and she was still so little, even though she was getting so big. And by this time, not only was I in love with her, but Simeon was as well! 

By the time she hit two pounds, the weight that meant it was time to take her in to get her spay, we both knew there was no way we weren't going to be the ones to adopt her. We had fallen in love with the little turd. (I have a theory that Simeon only loves the things that will annoy him the most.)

So over Thanksgiving, she went back to the shelter to get spayed and micro-chipped. And then that following Monday, she came back home with me as her new mama. Unfortunately, she then had to spend two weeks in a bathroom, mostly by herself to heal from her spay. She didn't like that. But I didn't want Fox pouncing her and splitting open her stitches. Or trying to jump onto the table and ripping them open. 

And then the real fun began. Seriously, the playing between Odette and Fox never seems to end. And she likes to think that she is the queen of the house. And wins a good portion of the time. 

We begin every morning with her running up to me and begging for food and attention. She gets free fed and has a full bowl at all times. But only gets a spoonful of wetfood a day. I try to switch up if it will be morning or evening or randomly through the day to try to get her to stop begging for wet food all the time. But alas, it hasn't worked so far. 

She also likes getting her morning snuggles. If she doesn't get morning snuggles, she honestly gets really cranky with me and starts meowing or pawing your leg until you pick her up.

Now that we've added Ashe to the household, she's a little upset with us. While Ashe was really respectful of Odette's queenly state in the beginning, Ashe has decided she wants to play with Odette constantly now, even if Odette is like oh hell no. So we're working on bringing the peace back into our home again. But that happens when you own a zoo. :)

Fox Bentley's 1st Birthday

The Gilbert ZooSabra GilbertComment

Fox is my first baby. And as such, he has been spoiled out of his mind. I spent a week picking the right cake recipe to make him and he wouldn't eat more than a bite, the spoiled pup. I think I confused him by putting his cake on a plate. He's such a good boy who knows better than to eat anything that we put on our plates. I tried to convince him that it was ok but he would only eat the piece that I put on the ground for him. But he adored the peanut butter and bacon on the top! I was able to convince hi to lick those off. :)

In my job, I watch people loose their animals everyday. Either to sickness, old age, or landlords forcing them to give them up. I never want to take my babies for granted. I love photographing all the big and small moments to remember years from now when my little pups are graying adults. Can you imagine Fox grey? Like old man grey, not his gorgeous Merle he is now. Or the horrible day that I loose my first pup. I'll be glad for all the photos that I've taken of him over the years. Though I imagine that I'll be completely devastated for a very long while. But hopefully that doesn't happen for a very very long time. 

Anyway, back to happiness, look at this gorgeous boy!

What 2017 Has Brought Us Thus Far

LIfeSabra GilbertComment

I figure that it's been a really long time since I did a life update, and so much has already happened this year that I should probably just summarize it all in post. And probably go into detail on a few of the things later. It's been a big year of changing from a college student to an adult with real responsibilities. I just celebrated my 25th birthday this last week and today simeon looked at me and informed me that he didn't think I was a young adult anymore. Just an adult. Which just seems so crazy to me.  

Sometimes I still feel like a child who needs my parents to do things for me. And then I realize I'm an adult and need to do them myself. And I know it's been a slow transition over the years to get to this point but it feels like it almost happened overnight to me. Just one day I woke up and realized that I had a lot of responsibilities. But, let's start with the beginning of this year. :) 

You & Me Chasing Baby G || Year in Review


Nothing that I really remember happened in January. I believe I had some foster kittens probably. And I remember being really into setting goals to make this year amazing. Had my powersheets all ready and prepped for the year. That's all I really remember. wait!! I forgot something important! My sister proposed to her boyfriend and they got engaged! I went dress shopping with my sister right away because SURPRISE! The wedding date was set for April. That's four months people. Four. And on the 13th, we also celebrated Fox's 1st Birthday! More photos to come, but there may have been a cakesmash involved. There WILL be a blog post on this later.

Fox Bentley's First Birthday


This was the month that I made a few trips home. We picked bridesmaids dresses and I took engagement photos for my sister. We had a lot of fun. February gets blurred out by March a lot. But I enjoyed February. I also got two bottle feeding foster puppies at the end of February. Just three days old.


This month basically sucked. Simeon and I took multiple trips back and forth to South Dakota as my step-dad's health took a turn. We packed up our puppies and brought them back and forth with us. Then the week from hell happened. We had just gotten back to lincoln for a few days thinking that my stepdad was slowly getting better. We were wrong. We came home and lost both puppies to a virus we never even knew the whole litter had until their poor hearts started giving out, and then we got the call that Dennis was on his final breathes. Within a week, I'd lost my babies and a father. I did get to spend a whole week with my mom though. Just me and her. I did enjoy that. 


 this month flew by!! It was very soon time for Stormies wedding!! With lots of tears, happy and sad, we all enjoyed the day! My uncle and cousins came out from Hawaii! Jordan smashed cake in Stormie's face and I may or may not have spent half the day a little tipsy. :) my brother also turned 18 this month and officially swore into the Army. oh, and we started paperwork to buy our house!!


 simeon and I celebrated 3 years of marriage and 7 years together!! My little brother graduated and left for basic training. He tried not to make anything special out of it, but we are all missing him like crazy! But once again, that's a post for another day. I started my dog hunt for the perfect pup for our family. :) 

STellen 2017 66.jpg


 we closed on our house on the 2nd!!  And then it was a lot of quickly unpacking because we brought home our second puppy on the 9th!!! :) Fox and Ashe were a little iffy at first. Loved to play, didn't want to share mama and daddy. I also started my Young Living essential oils journey! But they've started to mellow out a ton! Which was great because . . . 


 Simeon was in South Korea this ENTIRE month! I had four foster kittens, two dogs, a cat and a chinchilla AND A BRAND NEW HOUSE. All to manage completely by myself. It was an adventure. I got frustrated. I was tired. But we lovingly got through it all.  . I also started my Young Living essential oils journey!


 This month has flown! We went to Irishfest and then it was my birthday! And now things are finally gonna settle down again. I've barely worked this month but that's all about to change. :)  

Coming Back to My Blogging Home

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Ever had a hobby that you miss with all your heart when you've been away for too long? That is blogging for me. I seriously miss coming to my space and writing to my hearts content on what my life. My experiances and sharing my loves. 

I don't miss the politics of blogging. What people tell you that you have to do to have a successful blog. Years ago, the first blogs that I fell in love with (Anyone remember Stress Case, or Love the Grows?) didn't have to worry about scheduling soial media or making sure their Pintrest presence was on parr. And that is the type of blogging that I fell in love with. 

When bloggers were raw. More worried about what they actually had to say to their audiance than how Pintrest-worthy their post was. Or if they had just the perfect photo for their blog post. Or scheduling social media that attracted just the right amount of new followers. When bloggers were surprised that 100 people would show up on a regular basis to hear their thoughts on the world, let alone 5,000. 

Sure, I would love to turn this hobby that I love into a small source of income, but I'm really not wanting to ruin blogging for myself again by forcing a strong social media presence. I can't tweet. I honestly hate twitter. But I love instagram and Snapchat and genuinely show up on those platforms multiple times a day.

I'm willing to give the followers who want to stick with me a genuine peek into my very un-curated life. 

But a look into my un-curated life is no longer just about showing you how I as a person am growing on my own. It's about showing you how Simeon and I are growing into the family that we want to be. How we care for our household together. How we love on our crazy fur-babies (yes there are multiple now). And how we plan to love on the little G's of our future and our journey to bring them into our family.

Honestly, the journey to bring future Little G's into our family is what has taken over my life in the last few years. It hasn't been an easy one. It's been frustrating. And heartbreaking. And, in all honesty, faith destroying. So I'm back to document my process of rebuilding that faith, sharing how I care for my home, and Simeon's and my path to bring home some non-furry babies.

So with a new journey that I want to share, a new branding and blog name is here as well. I'm trading up blog names once again to You & Me Chasing Little G. A name that not only means we are working for our babies, but once those babies come, can also stick with us as they grow. For years, my branding has always been about my affinity to bright colors. But I think that I'm finally starting to figure out that i don't actually like bright colors on blogs. Never have. And I needed to make this space more of a refuge for me. So a simpler, calmer color palette is here to join us as well. 

I'm excited to jump back into what I love.

Road to Homeownership || Part 1

House BuyingSabra GilbertComment

Simeon and I are looking into buying a house! 

And I'm ridiculously excited about it. Like I already am picking out paint ideas and planning my dream kitchen. I am sooo excited to actually have an area that I'll own. That I'll be able to make choices on and actually change. I can paint! I can tear out the countertops if that is something that I really want to do. We can tear down the walls and build new ones if that is what I want to do. 

Well, that Simeon AND I want to do. It isn't just me who gets to make those decisions. But I get to actually have an opinion that I can follow through with. 

And I'm so freaking excited about that!

Simeon and I go in to get pre-approved on Thursday!

But in all honesty, we've already done our shopping. And I also believe that we've actually already found the house of our dreams. But that is all I'm going to say about that until things get on a little bit more solid ground. 

I can talk about the journey that's lead to this decision. You know, the decision to buy a home as a young twenty something couple that is about $60,000 in student loan debt while having one of us in grad school (thankfully no accruing any more debt) and the other as a full time office assistant at a humane society (aka not making the big bucks but doing something that I love).

Finance Reasons

Honestly, it actually does make sense! I'm the only one paying back my student loans right now on a plan that will gradually increase the amount that I pay every month slowly over the years I'll be paying back my student loans. So currently, my student loans aren't overwhelming me. And Simeon's won't start to become a thing for another 6 years which is awesome.

Right now we are paying around $700 for a two bedroom apartment and having a dog in said apartment. We could afford up to a  $1000 mortgage for a 3 bedroom house with a fenced backyard and semi-finished basement and actually own the place. 

Animal Reasons

A giant reason to be looking into getting a house is that Fox needs an actual yard. Simeon and I are sick and tired of putting on layers of clothes to leash Fox up and put on his halti every single time that he may or may not have to potty. (Honestly, he more than likely doesn't have to pottty but is whining at the door cause he is bored. 

Another fun reason is that I really, really want another dog. And having plenty of space for us to start growing our family in a human child way AND in an animal child way would be completely amazing. And not having to worry about what the animals do to our house would be great to. That way I know how to fix the random things that Fox or Odette or any other critter we bring home does to our house. 

I also really want to create a little foster area in our basement so that I can bring home more than just kittens. I would love to also house dogs who need medical or socialization reasons for foster or also bring home mam dogs who want to care for their littler in peace. Simeon and I were already discussing redoing portions of the basement to create an easy to clean housing area for fosters. Preferably big enough to house a mama dog and her puppies. Though, I wouldn't want a pregnant mam having to go up and down the stairs to the basement constantly. so we will have to see how the planning goes. 

Comfort Reasons

The house that we are looking at is in a million times better neighborhood than our current apartment. Then there is also the whole fact that we also live in an apartment with small walls factor which is annoying since a family with a dog moved in above us last month and whenever that dog barks, Fox starts to bark. Oh and it's a corner apartment on the bottom floor so Fox sees each and every dog that is outside our windows and goes crazy.

Though I was pretty sure that Odette was going to get eaten by a dog yesterday since I had the windows open and a dog saw her on the other side of the window screen and lunged at her.  There are also two yorkie mixes across the hall that I'm pretty sure want to eat Fox. They are tiny little things but constantly attack the door if Fox is even in the hall. And don't get me started on the dog aggressive Boston's that also live down the hall.

Better question, who moves into an apartment building full of dogs with dog aggressive dogs?!?

Anyway, I would feel a million times better if we were into our own space instead of continuing our apartment life. Not only for safety reason, but getting more space as well! Our two bedroom apartment is fine but it isn't laid out in a way that makes it easy to really want to use the bedroom spaces. I feel completely shut off from anything else. In the home that we are looking at, nothing is a hallway away from each other and the main rooms (and the room i want to make my office) are pretty interconnected!

BUT I did say that I wanted to avoid going into too much detail about the actual home. So I'm going to end this post before I start going into any actual detail since I really really really want to!