You and Me & Chasing Little G

 Common Questions

How can I track referrals?

I would recommend that you create a hidden landing page that will be connected to your ad space. You can curate it to show posts that would be perfect for my audience to fall in love with you too!

How do you manage my ad?

I personally put your start and end date into my personal planner! I also put it in my blogging calendar and personally select dates for your guest posts or Q&A's. It makes me much more aware of your time on my sidebar so I can create a more personal experience for you!

The Fine Print

Ad Sizes

The sizes that I list are firm. If you send me an ad that is the wrong size, I will give you one chance to create a button the correct size. If you do not send me one within two days or send the wrong size again, I will cancel your ad space without a refund.

Button Design

As I am also a blog designer, I require my ad spaces to be of high quality design as your button on my blog reflects on me. If it does not hold up to my standards, I will give you two chances to send me a better button. After this grace period, your ad space is forfeit with no refund. If you do not know how to design a button, I can design it for you for a fee.