You and Me & Chasing Little G

Hey, I'm Sabra

                I'm the blogger behind Becoming Sabra Gilbert.

I'm a twenty-something wife of a nerd. But he's my nerd so it's OK. We are High School sweethearts and finally tied the knot on May 17th, 2015. His nerdiness has rubbed off on me and we love to watch nerdy shows together and play League of Legends. Board games are also a giant passion of ours. 

In December 2015, I'll be a college graduate from South Dakota State University with a Bachelor's in Biology with a minor in Equine Studies. I hope to someday use this degree to either work in a zoo or even own my own miniature horse farm! 

With Simeon and I graduating in December, we have a little downtime before he starts graduate school. So in between graduation and moving, I"m going to devote my time to you! I will be becoming a full time blogger and small business owner with the launch of my business, Midnight Photography & Design.

Favorite Board Game: King of Tokyo

Favorite Video Game: League of Legends

Favorite Hot Drink: Dark Hot Chocolate

Favorite Adult Drink: Jameson & Coke

Favorite Planner: The Day Designer

Want to know anything else about me? Email me at BecomingAGilbert[at]