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Ever just feel burnt out?
Like there is just too much to do and you don't really see the point in doing it anyway.

Well, I am defiantly in that kind of a rut.
I don't wanna blog.
I don't wanna do my homework.
I kinda wanna wedding plan.
I mostly just wanna curl up in bed and cuddle and sleep.
That's it.

Every once in a while, I need a kick to the rear that gets me motivated to do everything that I want to and need to do to succeed in what I want to do.

So this week I made an inspiration board of why I am putting myself through years of schooling. Working two jobs. Trying to get internships on top of that.

Why do I work so hard?

Because I wanna wake up in the morning and know that I get to go take care of God's creatures. I may be shoveling poop and doing mediocre things for the most part, but I know I'm going to love every second of bonding and caring for any and all the animals in the zoo that I can possibly be given the responsibility for.

I want to maybe open up an animal reservation some day and take care of a few big cats that are my own. That, since they cannot be returned to the wild after a life in captivity, can live as free of a life as possible. I want to help bring back such a wonderful species and fight to keep them from extinction.

I want to do my small part.
To make a large impact on a child, adult, or animal that could someday help change how zoos and animals in general are viewed.

Ok, and maybe sometimes I just wanna cuddle with a baby animal. But who doesn't? 
Those things are all so freaking adorable!