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SDSU Snow Day? Say What!?!

Sabra GilbertComment

So South Dakota State prides itself on never closing campus. Not for blizzards, or negative 50 degree windchill.


Ladies and Gentlemen! I am proud to say!


It's been wonderful.
Full of wonderful movies, because lets be honest, no one is doing homework today!
Hot Cocoa!
Maybe a little to do list demolishing!

I might also be thinking facial in a little bit. .. maybe.


So here is a little of what I did today!

I have been watching movies on Netflix all day, but really wanted some Disney movies! While Netflix has a few, it doesn't have any princess movies and that was what I wanted! So I was looking through my Pins on Pintrest and found a Pin that said that it had all the Disney movies! I clicked on it and am now watching The Little Mermaid!! Thanks to 

This was my yummy treat today! You make hot cocoa like usual and top it off with a little bit of this wonderful coffee creamer! It is completely amazing!!!

Here was my wonderful craft project today! I had a big canister that was empty and have been wanting somewhere to put my head bands for a while that wasn't in a pile on my desk! So I got my mod podge out and went to town making it cute enough for my new apartment bathroom in a few weeks! Then added some flourishes with fabric paint! :)

Hope everyone one else is enjoying their Spring, while us in South Dakota spend a few more days in Winter!!